White Collar: The Labyrinth ch 16

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Chapter Sixteen

"Last night's round was certainly a crowd pleaser." York praised. "How's Burke this morning?"
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White Collar: The Labyrinth ch 15

Chapter Fifteen

With the floor feeling like it was pitching below him and bile stinging the back of his throat Neal knew Peter was talking to him but he couldn't focus on the words right now. A combination of alcohol and rage was clouding his senses as he tried to make sense of what was happening. Peter had been helping him sit up but as soon as Jake was gone he went to lay him down on the cold floor. Despite Peter's general soothing tone Neal panicked as his intoxication started to develop into true alcohol poisoning, bringing along with it a confusion that was getting worse as his adrenaline started to fade.
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The Labyrinth: Ch 14

Chapter Fourteen

Agitated and growing increasingly anxious as the seconds ticked by Peter stopped his pointless pacing and wrapped his arms over his stomach as his emotional distressed transformed into a searing physical pain. The longer Neal was gone with Jake the harder it was becoming to keep his mounting panic and increasingly active imagination under any kind of control. Peter had kept quiet about it but he had dreaded from the start that Jake would turn to Neal to slake his unsavory thirsts for pain, violence, and power in an act of depraved brutality against him. Neal had been brave about leaving with Jake and Peter admired that but he also felt guilty knowing that Neal only cooperated in order to keep Jake from retaliating against them both. Once they were alone Neal would fight harder against him, but he simply wasn't a match for Jake's strength and skill.
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White Collar: The Labyrinth ch 13

Chapter Thirteen


Hearing Peter's distant desperate cry washed a sickening amount of adrenaline through Neal's already keyed up system as Jake forced him further down the dank hall. Peter slammed into the door behind them but apparently Jake had some way of locking it from the outside as well. Terrified as he was to be alone with Jake Neal was grateful he'd locked Peter inside the room, Sawyer had slunk off with his tail between his legs but he probably hadn't gone far and once out in the tunnels Peter would be fair game. Jake seemed to be able to keep Sawyer somewhat at bay but he doubted he could keep Peter safe once Sawyer actually got his hands on him.
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White Collar: The Labyrinth ch 12

Chapter Twelve

"Ugh, Peter, your breath…"

"Sorry about that."

"That is powerful." Neal wrinkled his nose. "Wait, did you…did you eat that cat food Jake left us?"

"Honestly it's not much different than regular canned tuna."

"Or deviled ham?" Neal teased.

"Or deviled ham." Peter agreed with a smile.

"Actually it's probably healthier than deviled ham, less salt if nothing else."

"Salt never killed anyone." Peter shrugged.
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White Collar: The Labyrinth ch 11

Chapter Eleven

"Judge Halloway…"

"You better have something real for me this time, Agent Hughes."

"Not exactly, but…"

"Stop right there. In the past three days I have given you seven highly questionable warrants and other than several pending lawsuits what has it gotten us?"

"Nothing, but…"
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White Collar: The Labyrinth ch 10

Chapter Ten

Trapped in the murky space between asleep and awake Neal was dragged into full consciousness by a sudden blaze of pain down his shoulder that ran a chill over his skin. After a difficult and uneasy sleep punctuated by nightmares Neal woke to find his situation barely improved from the torments of the unconscious world. Opening his eyes he panicked for a split second when he was greeted by darkness. Remembering the blindfold Neal reached up to remove it but was quickly stopped by a lance of pain. Closing his blind eyes Neal took a moment to focus on something that didn't hurt in order to help him cope with everything else that did. Still curled up against Peter Neal was grateful to be warm, recalling how violently he'd been shaking earlier. There was something about being cold that magnified any misery beyond reasonable limits. At the other end of the spectrum there was something about being warm that helped eased any pain.
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White Collar: The Labyrinth ch 9

Chapter Nine

"Damn it, Sawyer, what the fu…" Jake stopped himself with a frustrated sigh. "What are you still doing here? You won last night, your debt paid in full. Get out. I'm tired of dealing with you and your lackeys."

"Talk to your boss."
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White Collar: The Labyrinth ch 8

NOTE: Hugs for support! Finally got to some of the 'comfort' of the hurt/comfort genera in this chapter...it does not come as naturally to me as the first part. ;)

Chapter Eight


Knowing what Peter was going to say Neal shook his head and pulled away from him slightly. Sitting on the wet concrete shower floor holding his hand protectively over his ruined shoulder Neal swallowed the bile that was burning the back of his throat as he started shivering. He had desperately asked for a break from Peter digging the glass out of his shoulder, but now that he had gotten a few minutes of reprieve he wasn't sure he had the mental strength to agree to letting him remove the rest.
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