White Collar: The Labyrinth ch 4

NOTE: I'm going to be the death of myself writing three stories at once. ;) I had planned on doing less 'plot' and general detail on this story and make it more of a short story, but I changed my mind. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter Four

"It seems clear."

"Oddly enough that doesn't really put me at ease." Neal admitted.

"Me either. Alright, let's go. Watch your step."
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White Collar: The Labyrinth ch 2

Note: I was very honored by the reaction this story has gotten across the sites I've put it on so I've deiced to continue with it. Neal and Peter are not happy about that, they tell me that they do not need or want their mettle tested, but luckily for you readers they have no say in this. That being said I do want to assure you guys that there are certain lines I do not cross the main one being rape and anything closely associated with it. So while it will be a violent story at the same time it's a relatively 'safe' one...if that makes sense. Hugs to everyone who has supported this extreme set up so far and encouraged me to explore some dark waters in the name of good, clean fun. ;)

Also going to do some 'time-line jumping' in this story. I will try to keep the order of events clear, although a little disorientation is part of the ride.

Chapter Two

"Trust me, Mr. Caffrey, you are going to want to bite down on that."

"Wait, please, what ar…"
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White Collar: The Labyrinth

Title: The Labyrinth
Rated: R (violence)
Category: hurt/comfort, angst, horror survival.
Description: Horror survival, hardcore hurt/comfort type story. Held captive by a self proclaimed 'Revenge Proxy' Neal and Peter fight to keep themselves and each other alive under usual and harsh circumstances in the New York underground.
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White Collar: Perfect Game

After Kanarek13 did a wonderful cover art for my short story Perfect Performance (Art here: Kanarek13 Art Original story here: Story) I felt inspired to write the long awaited sequel. Revenge is a dish best served over a nine course meal. Enjoy!

Perfect Game

"Never again."

"Then I guess you're walking home."

"Fine by me, it's only about twelve miles back to Manhattan from here." Neal pointed out. "If I start now…"

"The subway wasn't that bad. You live in New York, you need to ride the subway now and then."
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White Collar: Hero of the Day

NOTE: This is based of art work by Kanarek13 that can be found: Here. I'm not all that skilled at the whole h/c genera so I figured a challenge was in order and Kanarek13 delivered one. Peter is difficult to work with on the whole 'comfort' scene, he's not big into admitting when Neal gives him a scare. ;)

Hero of the Day

Neal surfaced to the conscious world and instantly regretted doing so as his body informed him that he had done something monumentally stupid. Having trouble with his memory Neal wasn’t exactly sure what he’d done but he remembered there being a lot of noise and general chaos involved. Realizing that whatever had happened might not actually be over Neal forced his eyes open to see if he was at least somewhere safe. The blank white ceiling didn’t do much to orient or reassure Neal, but when he turned his head to the side he was able to relax. Peter was sitting in a chair next to the hospital bed watching him attentively. Seeing that Neal was awake Peter smiled at him and Neal automatically smiled back.
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White Collar: Double or Nothing ch 16

Note: Hello all! Sorry this chapter took so long a *lot* of research went into it. I left a few things for you guys to figure out/look up on your own, if you get stuck on any of them just ask me and I'll go into more detail. ;) Now then let's have some fun with science!

This chapter is coming to you from New York city as I am visiting!

Chapter Sixteen

"How did my life get so…weird?"

"Just think of it like a museum, Peter."
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